Children’s Chairs

Wooden Children’s Chiavari Chairs

Check out our range of wooden and the new resin Chiavari chair for children , for ages of 2 – 7 years of age. We now offer our wooden chairs along with the new resin chairs both types available in a wide range of colours , and can be supplied with or without the child’s sized soft cushions to match . The elegant wooden chair is designed and manufactured to the same specifications and style as the larger adult Chiavari chair, designed to enhance any birthday or celebration for the young nippers. The wooden Children’s chair is available in a wide range of colours – see photo below of the circle of chairs , showing the many colours in our standard range of the wooden children’s Chiavari chair .We have stock of the white wooden chair complete with a choice of cushion colours . These come in white , black , and a pastel pink , other colours of cushions are available with up to 70 vibrant colours of polyester fabric material to choose from , also other colours of the wooden Child’s Chiavari chair are available by special order , where minimum order quantities apply.


Now available is the new Resin Children’s Chiavari chair made of high impact resin suitable for the hard wear and tear by the nippers. These chairs come in a wide range of colours , with or without child’s sized cushions in a range of colours . We also offer the clear crystal child’s chair in many colours keeping up with new trends and dress up themes .The resin chairs are manufactured into a one piece chair , strong enough to last for many , many years of kids parties and celebrations . Made from the same heavy duty resin as the adult resin chair these chairs are ideal for inside and outdoor use , and can be transported easily for celebrating events at home or venues . We will have stock available in white resin, pastel pink resin, and the clear crystal resin chair , approximately by the end of August , other colours of these popular chairs are available by special order , where minimum order quantities apply . – See the colour range in photos below of our resin children’s Chiavari chairs .Children’s size cushion colours available ex stock now are white , black , and pastel pink in the soft style cushion with zip on – zip off polyester- easy wash fabric cover for ease of cleaning , that fit all of our children’s wooden , resin , and crystal children’s chairs.


At last a child size party chair for children that can be folded for storage , and transporting . This popular chair is made from high impact resin , UV protected , with up to 20-30 chairs stacking capacity , fitted with a PU padded seat for easy cleaning – just wipe off dirt and grime . These attractive clean cut chairs have a high scratch/scuff resistance , that only a wipe of a cloth will make them look like new for many, many years. Ideal for transporting to on site functions and venues , light and strong , most suitable for all outdoor children’s activities , especially the hire industry .

Only available in a white chair with white P U seat cover 
Seat Height : 32.5cm
Seat Width : 30.5cm
Seat Depth : 30.5cm
Overall Height : 62cm
Chair Weight : 2.4kgs

Children’s Cross Back Chairs

Now available in kids sized, our latest edition of resin made chairs are beautiful, stackable, and practicable for all children’s parties, birthday celebrations, etc. Easy to clean, low cost maintenance, and are available in White and Pale Pink colours , made from quality P.P. resin with U.V. protection for a long lasting finish.Soild Construction, made for indoor & outdoor use, and will last forever. Soft seat Cushions available in White and Pink only.Cross Back Chair Specifications Seat Height: 32 cms. Seat Width: 45 cms. Seat Depth: 33 cms. Overall Height: 61 cms. Chair Weight: 2.6 KG