Cushions – Hard Board Cushions – in NEW vinyl

Upholstered removable hard board cushions are now available from Chiavari Chair Sales, in a range of fabrics, Synthetic Leather/Vinyl, or in smooth Velvet, in a wide choice colours to choose from.
Talk to us today , about how easy it is to change over from the soft fabric cushion to vinyl .

Product Details


These hard board cushions suit all types of Tiffany and Chiavari chairs available on the market, also Napoleon, and Phoenix, chair styles/ designs , even Bar Stools . If you wish to change from the soft cushions to our hard board cushions, instructions below show how easy it is using the Velcro pads on the underside of the chair cushion, holding the cushion to the top of the chair seat, making the job of changing old for new extremely easy and quick, even if you wish to change the look of your chair to suit a special occasion or event – gives your style of chair a NEW look.

Cushion is placed onto chair

The velvet covered cushion is available in up to over 30 vibrant colours.
The Vinyl covered cushion can be matched to your resin or wooden chair colour , simply by releasing the velcro straps on your old soft cushion , then placing the new H.B.cushion onto matching velcro pads onto top of seat  – then pressing firmly – easy.

The just released VINYL fabric hard board cushions are popular, as they are easier to clean, lasts longer, maintaining its new appearance longer, giving you economy with beauty, and style.

The Vinyl hard board cushion, saves on laundry charges – by simply spray and wiping clean with a warm soapy cloth each cushion after the event or when preparing for next use.

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