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When it comes to chairs, there are those that are crafted to perfection and can be considered as ‘elite seats’
Elite seats are both comfortable and visually appealing making them the perfect choice for discerning customers who expect nothing but the best,
not only providing seating but also add to the overall design and style of an event or establishment at an affordable price .


At Chiavari Chair Sales, we understand the importance of providing high-quality, comfortable chairs that are designed ,to leave a lasting impression on your guests and that’s why we specialize in supplying top-of-the-line elite chairs
that are perfect for venue owners or customers who demand the very best.

Our chairs are a different breed entirely, meant for VIP guests who expect modern, stylish and comfortable seating  .

We offer a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, all of which are crafted highest level of care and attention to detail.
So, whether you’re looking for chairs for your wedding, conference,   business  , or any other event,
you can trust Chiavari Chair Sales to provide you with the very best.

Note:  Tiffany  and Chiavari chair styles are exactly

             the same .  Chiavari name originated in Italy

whereas Tiffany name is mostly used in the U.S.A :

              Rest easy – Years Of Use Ahead!
Every Chiavari  / Tiffany Chair we supply is backed by our minimum 3-Year Factory Warranty for peace of mind.
Whether you are a progressive Venue , upmarket Reception business ,  or a Furninture Chair Hirer , you will enjoy years of hard service  with every single chair , or you may need for your Home use – talk to us today

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                   Australia  Wide  Delivery
We offer affordable rates on shipping to all states of Australia.
We are at the ready to carefully deliver directly to your location across greater Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula areas , and Rural Victoria with quick turnaround times .

For all interstate customers we source the most cost effective shipping to your location saving time and money.






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