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we are looking forward to your inquiries , orders , and emails now the lockdowns , political squabbling , and negativity has all but disappeared .

We are preparing to move on and  head into 2022 , looking forward to getting back to normal and helping our customers to order  our wide range of dining chairs . 

If you do need to get up-to-date pricing and current shipping times ( there have been a lot of rises ) give us as call or email , and we can give you today’s chair or table prices – along with shipping schedules , based on a F.I.S. price .

Please contact us now for expected  delivery times into your store,  as we are experiencing a slowdown with shipping from our factory  , taking up to  10  –  12   weeks from payment of your Booking deposit , until delivery to your door  within Australia .

               Shipping costs are rising  every few months now , and there is no indication when prices will stabilize – so order now to save .

Our factory production is now into full swing

 All products ordered will be processed  for shipment within the current times  below .

   ( Please allow for current shipping times when  ordering )

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Buy the best  Quality Chairs from Chiavari Chair Sales

There are two types of chairs for sale in the market today: There are the mass produced chairs we have all had the unfortunate task of sitting through a friends wedding in. These are the cheap and easy type of chair that can be stacked or folded and are simply designed to accommodate mass numbers, absent to any  thought to comfort or style.

And then you have the ‘elite seats’, if you will. These are the type of chair that are crafted to perfection. The type of chair that aren’t simply intended for seating, but act as an integral part of the overall design and style of an event or establishment.

At Chiavari Chair Sales, we are in the business of supplying premium, high quality comfortable seats that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our Chiavari chairs for sale are a different breed entirely, designed for the VIP guest who expects a comfortable, modern style chair.

Our chairs for sale are well built , designed and constructed to the highest possible standard you can buy, not only to deliver comfort, but to add an aesthetic appeal that few standard chairs can deliver.


Beautiful and Stylish Chairs

Our wooden Chiavari Chairs are constructed to the highest possible standard, using the best lotus tree hardwood, with mortise and tenon joints and metal braces for additional strength and support.

Our Resin Chiavari Chairs are manufactured with the latest technology available today. Each chair is made in one piece to produce the most sturdy Chiavari Chair you can buy on the market. They are weather proof, UV resistant, and made to the highest standards using virgin raw materials, and passing all industry testing standards.

Chairs Made with High-Quality Craftsmanship

We only source our chairs from the best manufacturers internationally, these genuine wooden Chiavari chairs will provide years of great looking service and support. With a gentle sloping leg and back, your valued clients will enjoy the pinnacle of elegance, style, and most important of all: comfort!

We have a great range of cushions to suit most of our dining chairs, available to buy in a wide range of fabrics and colours, along with most styles of dining chairs on offer in both children’s and adult sizes.


Chiavari and Tiffany chairs for sale

Are you looking to buy a special kind of seat? Something that goes beyond the ordinary and provides a certain ‘wow’ factor?

At Chiavari, our Tiffany chairs for sale not only look aesthetically stunning, but they boast a solid structural integrity that will allow you and your guests to use them comfortably for many years to come.

Not only that, but our Chiavari chairs for sale are built to such a high-standard, that you’ll never have to deal with the awkward and embarrassing situation where a customer or visitor shifts in their seat only to have it collapse underneath them!

No. At Chiavari Chair Sales, we are in the business of providing comfort, class, style, and above all: reliability.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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